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Is It Possible To Go 100% Paperless?

We’ve all heard the benefits of migrating to a paperless office. By reducing the time spent making physical copies, processes can be streamlined and labor costs reduced. But as organizations discuss this remarkable practice, one question has been left on the table: is it even truly possible?

The answer is a mixture of yes and no. One notable example of how these statements can be overly optimistic is the federal government’s stated goal of creating a paperless system by 2019; where there appears to be very little headway so far. The stalled progress has many causes, but a large potion of the implementation has been tied down by entrenched practices that have been in place for decades. Despite several agencies moving to electronic file keeping systems, what the task force failed to anticipate was the antiquated systems of the assorted legal courts, state governments, and other players that still relied largely on paper based record keeping. By being forced to process all the paperwork sent to them into a digital format, any time and money saved by the new system was negated in practice.

The issues faced by government officials working on this project are not limited to the public sphere. Large private industries also have their inherent bureaucratic practices, which are often slow to embrace major changes across organization lines. Especially where legal requirements are in place, many operations are still required to have physical copies on hand for audits and inspections; slowing progress on digitization projects. But there are solutions available to help get around these limitations and restore the benefits of having electronic documentation.

One of the specific practices designed to help combat these inefficiencies is workflow scanning. By scheduling paperwork to be scanned as it is created or picked up from other outside parties, your workplace can see minimal disruption to it’s processes. Even if other organizations aren’t working in a digital environment, your system can have files created from paper records on an almost instant basis, preserving the integrity of your new practices.

While the limitations of paperless offices can been seen here, that’s not to detract from the benefits of the idea. Even managing to get 95% of your day to day processes from physical files to digital records can provide huge cost savings, and with time other organizations will catch up. In the meantime, The Data Vault offers several solutions to help bridge the gap between your partners and your digital system; if this is something you find yourself in need of we’d be more than happy to help. Head over to our contact us page and one of our experts will be in touch!



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