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Is There Trust in Cloud Backup Yet?

As a member of Record Storage Management Group and Cloud Backup Group on LinkedIn, I see a lot of cross-talk for and against the use of cloud computing for data storage and disaster recovery. The big question, and one raised just this week, is: Do people trust the cloud yet?

The answer is still elusive. A number of people have chimed in, and here are some of the responses when the question was raised in the Record Storage Management Group:

David Wilkonson of Storetec Services Limited cites a recent study by Quocirca, a research and analysis company based in the U.K. in noting that “out of firms that had a negative attitude towards [cloud backup], nearly two-thirds assumed they did not have the expertise and 72 per cent were worried about a lack of security resources.”

trust in cloud backup?Tom Pick, a digital marketing and research consultant, chimed in that, “There’s no question that cloud records storage offers a number of benefits, including cost and friction-less scalability. However, the concept also raises a number of significant concerns, in the areas of legal risks, retention requirements, privacy and security. The point is not to avoid or put off cloud storage, but rather to understand and have plans in place to properly manage the risks beforehand.”

Pick cites this article as explaining his point well.

Esther Tulasi, Technical Information Officer at E&E Records Consultants, wrote, “Cloud storage is not a bad idea but the limitations such as security and inaccessibility when there is no access to the internet undermines the benefits of cloud storage.”

Pick responded that, “Not all cloud storage is created equal. Providers need to understand and address the specific concerns of records managers, particularly in relation to legal and regulatory issues, in order to increase the viability of cloud records storage.”

We at TDV Cloud believe a local provider is key — one who can bring your data to you on disc in the event of a total loss when your IT team can’t download critical data in a timely manner. Also, if the unthinkable happens, will you know an individual to call? One you’ve personally met and who knows your IT environment and business needs?

The recent shutdown of Symantec Backup’s is also a stern warning to businesses that they should choose a cloud backup partner they can interact with directly, but one with a proven track record, and one that demonstrates a supreme knowledge of the legal and regulatory issues to which Pick referred.

In short, find a cloud backup and disaster recovery partner. That’s where trust in the cloud should begin.

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