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Is Your Backup Plan Ready For A Disaster?

In the face of today’s information overload, many organizations take a “set it and forget it” approach to data backups. Initial enthusiasm and focus is lost as time goes on and other priorities take precedence, especially when there exists long gaps between incidents. Despite evidence to the contrary, it appears that all but the largest of businesses do not conduct regular disaster drills to test the effectiveness of their planning; leaving weaknesses undiscovered.

The struggle to remain vigilant on this front is a tough one for many employees. Between juggling the increasing demands of their jobs and day to day challenges, the tendency is to become complacent with assuming that the system is working in the background. Coupled with this is the fact that IT departments are frequently under pressure to do more with less at the same time as embracing refined data protection strategies, leading to fewer (costly) examinations of current operations. But all this can lead to downtime in the face of a real disaster, as systems assumed to function under stress fail and expectations are not met.

We firmly believe that without proper planning, poor execution is inevitable. Strategies like having multiple backup sites for business critical information, defined timelines for how quickly information must be retrieved, and diversifying your backups between cloud computing or hardware can restore order to the chaotic environment that surrounds an incident. If you’re unsure of how your company has their full disaster plan set up or would like to have an evaluation to see if there’s room for improvement, here at The Data Vault we offer records management consulting that can help with that. One of our experts can visit your site, help you go over the steps currently in place, and recommend areas for improvement from an objective outside perspective, removing the possibility of organizational bias. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, fill out the form on our contact us page and someone will be in touch!



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