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Does Your Company Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Hurricane Sandy inflicted damage upon the New York/New Jersey area to the tune of more than $30 billion. (Note: That’s a lot.) Many businesses were forced to close, and many likely will not reopen. For some, this will be due to physical damage, while others will cease operations due to the overall financial devastation. For others, however, it will involve a lack of a solid disaster recovery plan.

As we know, many businesses who are forced to close due to a catastrophic losses of data never reopen. Even if the building/factory/storefront/whatever can be salvaged, a loss of critical data can be the death knell for an otherwise healthy business. How many businesses wiped out by Sandy had a solid records management plan in place?

Here’s hoping they all did, but it isn’t likely. Gartner estimates that only 35 percent of SMBs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan; Gartner also reports that two out of five businesses that experience a data-loss disaster go out of business within five years.

Be prepared with a disaster recovery plan.

If you’re in the Louisville area, as many of our valued customers are, you may be thinking that you’re safe from devastation like Sandy’s. But think a moment — remember the tornado that flattened a large part of Henryville, Ind., back in the spring? That’s just 20 miles away. And we’ve experienced frighteningly high flood waters near the Ohio River in recent years. If your business resides in the flood plain, a good backup, restore and recovery plan is a must.

ARMA International offers a number of helpful resources that can help you assess your data management strategy, find out if your critical business records are at risk, and help you create a disaster recovery plan if you don’t already have one.

As always, feel free to contact The Data Vault for your records management needs, from file storage in our secure records center to document imaging or shredding to  media destruction and data tape protection in our climate-controlled vault. We can help ensure that your critical data is safe and help you develop a disaster recovery plan that suits your needs. The Data Vault is a member of the Kentuckiana Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners.


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