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Key Features For Backup & Recovery Solutions


Searching for the right backup solution can be overwhelming. In this environment of countless vendors, hardware and software packages, an encyclopedia’s worth of buzzwords and a slew of products – how does an organization cut through the noise?

The good news: There are a few features that backup and recovery solutions absolutely must have, and they can help you narrow down the choice.

1. Reliability

Backup solutions need to work reliably both when backing up data and recovering it. There are plenty of horror stories about companies finding out too late that their data was only being backed up intermittently, or not at all. Part of the problem with poorly constructed or deployed solutions is that they are too complex. They are assembled piecemeal over time in order to meet different needs on different systems, or are implemented haphazardly without a real understanding of the business needs of an organization. Then when a situation arises where the recovery of lost data is critical, it typically fails to perform as designed.

So how do you ensure a backup is reliable? First, make sure that you have a unified system that covers all aspects of the business. Then, test it. Make sure that the solution always yields the results you want, no matter the stress on the system. This seems like common sense, but many firms fall into the “fix it and forget it” trap.

2. Flexibility

Versatility is a must for a good backup and recovery solution. If you have a backup that will only install on and back up data from PCs, and a directive comes through to switch the entire office over to Macs, then there’s a problem. Likewise, a backup solution needs to be able to function on different versions of different operating systems and needs to be able to interact with and back up different applications and servers/virtual machines. Basically, it needs to be able to tackle any of the backup needs that the office environment requires of it.

And just as important, a backup should be able to scale in order to meet an organization’s future business needs. Companies grow, evolve their online presence and upgrade their operations. A good backup solution needs to be able to back all of that critical data up, no matter how significantly a business’s data needs change over time.

3. Usability

The concept of an intuitive interface is about more than just having a product that looks fancy, as a dashboard of easy-to-understand commands makes life easier for the administrator and the business. When a person administering a system has to consult documentation the size of a phone book in order to try to figure out how to make the thing work properly, it defeats the purpose. Nothing is backed up, nothing is recovered. A user-friendly solution, on the other hand, allows an administrator to focus on the important things like business continuity, data recovery, and security.

The Data Vault Cloud satisfies each of these three main requirements, ensuring complete compliance and protection in disaster recovery scenarios. Our expert team works to customize the solution to your specific needs, and you can also rest assured that our 30+ years of experience means that we know how to support and ensure client success. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and evaluation!


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