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What Company Had the Largest Data Breach of 2013?

(Hint: it’s not who you think)

Everyone has heard about the customer data breaches at Target Corporation this holiday season or at Neiman Marcus this past January, but did you know that neither of these incidents was even close to the largest breach of 2013?

In fact, the holder of that title belongs to Adobe according to this article.

With 152 million customer records lost, their loss is being considered the largest in the history of our digital era. In addition to sensitive customer information, Adobe also admitted that the source code to their nearly universal Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader platforms was also compromised, opening up the possibility of future hacking attempts and security flaw exploitation.  Considering the size of the breach and subsequent security vulnerabilities exposed, you would expect this to be headline news but was largely overlooked at the time outside of industry insiders and security blogs online.

In light of these ongoing breaches, strong data security and records management is of the utmost importance to business owners. Considering that even large corporations with dedicated records management teams have been struggling with these issues as of late, it seems best to review document and data handling practices to ensure the security of customer or patient information. With 30 years of experience, our team at The Data Vault is comprised of experts in the field of document security and data protection and can make even the biggest challenges seem manageable.



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