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Locking Down Google’s Email Information

While most of the world was watching the announcements coming out of Apple’s developer conference earlier this week, Google was also planning some under the hood improvements for it’s own services in the meantime. One of the most important (albeit overlooked) developments coming out of the Google labs was the revelation that full encryption is coming to Gmail, the widely popular free email service offered by the tech giant. With an estimated 425 million users worldwide, until now Gmail services could only be completely secured via using 3rd party applications or plugins to keep confidential information safe. This caused widespread concern, as many universities and companies have shifted their student/employee accounts to a Google based system, opening up user accounts to potential infiltration.

With this gradual rollout, all emails will now be HTTPS filtered (for more on that, see our previous blog post) and a brand new piece of software called End To End will be available after a testing period. While the communications between Gmail accounts has been encrypted since around 2010, the biggest change here is that emails sent to outside services (such as Hotmail or Yahoo Mail) will now benefit from the same security standards. Between these two technologies, the chances of an intruder gaining access to secure email communications will be significantly lessened – allowing current users peace of mind when discussing confidential matters.

While these new services won’t guarantee 100% complete security, they’re a step in the right direction. Several other email services have taken the lead in ensuring encryption standards for users, and it’s a positive development to see one of the largest providers in the market finally deciding to take it seriously.



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