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Long Live The Record


Declarations by “experts” that records are dead demonstrates misguided views of information management, risk mitigation, and disaster recovery. In our modern era of connectivity and change, accountability has become an even greater priority than before; leading to increased emphasis on the keeping of files.

But what is a record?

The answer depends on who you ask, while industry guidelines point us in the right direction. Until 2001 ARMA International defined records as being “recorded information regardless of media” and it’s modern interpretation continues to shape the discussion. Essentially, any captured data inside or outside an organization is a record. This is the definition all managers in the U.S. and Canada use to reduce risk and make information an asset. Because any information within an organization is subject to litigation, all information must be managed; there is no “safe haven” for information just because the organization does not call it a record. It’s all equally usable and must all have policies and procedures – corporate and individual, including: text messages, internet chat room logs, and even emails sharing wedding pictures.

Thankfully, there are professional partners out there that can help manage this ever widening responsibility. The Data Vault has been guiding clients through the changes since 1984, and our team of experts stands ready to answer any questions about policy or recommendations for the future. Contact us today and let us help you evaluate your current practices and how they may change down the road!


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