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How to Choose a Louisville Document Imaging Company

Scanning a piece of paper – it’s not rocket science right?  Anyone can place a file under a desktop scanner or printer and presto, you’ve got an electronic document!  It’s certainly a convenient option for the periodic scanning of a handful of documents.  And even if you don’t have scanning equipment in your office, a handful of service providers in Louisville – including office supply stores and print shops – offer document imaging.

Having choices is certainly good — but how do you go about selecting the right Louisville document imaging company to meet your business needs?

For as simple as document scanning may seem, the proper imaging of files is a detailed and time consuming process, especially when it involves confidential information.   If not completed securely, accurately and in a timely manner, an imaging project can easily become an expensive endeavor, or even worse, result in a loss of critical business data.

So, in order to make an informed choice, it’s really important to understand both the key steps of the scanning process and how you intend to access and protect your electronic files.

Understanding key phases of a document imaging project

Scanning is actually just one piece of a document imaging project.   A methodical process with integrated steps must be implemented to ensure that all information is captured in a precise manner without any data being corrupted.  Key steps of a scanning project often involve:

  • pre-imaging testing
  • document preparation
  • data entry
  • indexing
  • image capture and conversion
  • data management
  • image quality control

Each step is equally important and has an effect on the overall outcome.  For instance, during the document preparation phase, bar coded separator sheets are added to files to indicate indexes; if documents are not prepped in a sequential phase than the indexes will be inaccurate.  Some companies may promise quick turnarounds by skipping this key phase; essentially sacrificing accuracy for efficiency.  A realistic project completion time table will allow for image inspection and monitoring throughout the entire process.

The right resource for your confidential records

You wouldn’t entrust your business finances to an unqualified person, so why would you hand over to critical data to a company that doesn’t have records and information management (RIM) expertise?  Your records are arguably your most important business assets and may contain both important client information, as well as data critical to the longevity of your organization.  Unfortunately, data breaches are a common occurrence.  In order to eliminate this risk it’s essential to choose a scanning provider that meets the following requirements:

  • dedicated RIM expertise
  • professional Louisville document imaging specialists
  • screened employees bound by confidentiality agreements
  • up to date knowledge of regulatory and legal requirements (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, GLB, etc.)
  • documented chain of custody procedures
  • security monitored and access controlled facilities

Defining your file conversion goals

Every company has a desired goal when deciding to move forward with a document imaging project.  Some organizations have a critical need to meet file space storage constraints while others are looking for a solution to enhance workflow processes.  Meanwhile, other companies may have vague goals that are better fleshed out through a professional consultation.

No matter what the case, your document imaging project should be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and offer the following options:

  • document management
  • online image hosting
  • electronic FTP delivery
  • imaging for multiple formats including:  microfiche and microfilm
  • secure temporary or archival document storage
  • post scanning document destruction

The Data Vault has provided professional document imaging solutions to businesses throughout Louisville for over 25 years.  To make the right choice for your next scanning project, please call us at 502.244.1151 or fill in our contact form.


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