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Louisville’s ARMA International Chapter


Are you aware that there’s a local group of dedicated records & data managers who meet monthly to discuss changes in the field, industry trends, and day to day challenges? These discussions focus on the ever increasing importance of data preservation and protection – distinct scenarios that all businesses face.

For 25+ years, the Louisville chapter of ARMA International has been providing advice and camaraderie to professionals who work with information. Whether your organization has five employees or five hundred, the changing nature of data (digital, physical, or a mixture of both) offers both challenges and opportunities to those interested in advancing their knowledge.

ARMA International meetings help fill this need with informative speakers, trips to facilities, and monthly networking opportunities.

On a national level, coverage of advances within the field means that the organization can be a vital resource for managers desiring to stay up to date with news. This includes internally produced research, reporting on governmental developments, and shifts in the business landscape.

The Data Vault is proud to support these missions through our team members who volunteer in leadership positions (both past and present) and by occasionally hosting meetings on site. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to Andy Dobelstein and he will be happy to answer any questions about monthly meetings or sponsorship opportunities!


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