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Macy’s Parade Mess-up Highlights Importance of Proper Document Shredding

All you have to do is shred your private documents and discard them, and you’re safe. Right? Um, wrong. Document shredding is just part of the process, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this past Thursday provided evidence of why.

Among the confetti that rained down on the busy New York streets were shredded confidential documents from a nearby police department. There were even shreds of documents detailing Mitt Romney’s motorcade from last month.

And they were still readable.

document shredding

Hey, is that your bank account number I see in there?

How can that be? Well, for one thing, the documents were shredded horizontally and then discarded — meaning that many of the strips contained whole sentences. Some actually contained full social security numbers, while others bore details of crimes like a pipe bombing in the Kings Grant area of Long Island.

But even document shredding practices that shreds paper vertically are far from foolproof. Did you know there is software than can actually “un-shred” shredded documents? That’s right, if you shred important documents on the job or at home, and then discard of the shreds carelessly, it’s entirely possible that someone can reassemble the pieces digitally, putting you and/or your business at risk. Document shredding is not a one-step process — at least, it isn’t if it is done correctly.

This sort of thing has happened before, and it will no doubt happen again. But you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you. How? By having your confidential information professionally destroyed. The Data Vault offers paper shredding and media destruction services for businesses of all sizes — individuals can even drop off their documents for professional shredding. The Data Vault not only shreds documents, we reduce them to pulp and recycle them — so there is no way your important records will ever end up as parade confetti.

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