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Managing & Monitoring Complex Backup Environments


Does it feel like your backups are constantly increasing in size, driving up costs with them? As legacy systems continue to be augmented by newer technologies, this increasing complexity is causing headaches for administrators at every level. Their concern stems from recent events (such as Delta Airline’s outage) where the infrastructure didn’t perform as expected, leading to significant losses of revenue and productivity.

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to managing these critical systems, but the perils of ignoring both software and hardware requirements suggest otherwise. Stories abound of IT departments not realizing that their backups haven’t been completing as scheduled until a disaster strikes, leaving businesses without data and no way to recover. These scenarios can be caused by something as simple as key personnel not noticing that more storage capacity was needed… until it was too late. Other situations arise when new technology isn’t compatible with the current setup, but a lack of regular testing means that it goes undiscovered.

With all the demands on information technology staff, oftentimes backups are an afterthought in light of their other work’s time sensitive nature. Testing takes resources away from day to day operations, and in this era of 24 hour business it can be hard to justify the expenses of shutting down for prolonged periods of time to company leadership. But in light of the consequences of not managing disaster recovery preparations, how can this be balanced out?

Thankfully, services like The Data Vault Cloud exist to help take the burden of constant monitoring off of busy team members. By focusing on just the backup aspect of the IT ecosystem, our team members are able to alert clients to problems before they ever become a liability. Regular testing and status reports are all part of the package, providing peace of mind for overstretched people and budgets. Interested in learning more? Contact us and one of our backup experts will be in touch to evaluate your environment, suggest best practices, and find a practical solution!


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