Media Security

Your business data is only as safe as the backup tapes and hard drives it is stored on. Between, fire, flooding, theft and mishandling, any number of threats to your media can render your business helpless in the face of data loss. Complete data protection means selecting the most secure storage solution for your media.

Protection from theft, fire, flooding and more

The Data Vault’s Climate-Controlled Vault (CCV) offers the most secure storage environment for your media assets. Constructed to resist fire damage, it was built to provide a barrier against flames while also maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels for continued media preservation during a fire. In addition to featuring exterior walls with filled, reinforced 12-inch-thick blocks and interior walls with filled 10-inch-thick concrete blocks, it is also designed with:

  • a redundant, standing-seam steel roof system
  • a four-hour rated steel vault door

Media Security Vault Lock

Because traditional sprinkler systems can permanently damage computer media, our CCV is equipped with FM-200, a clean fire-suppression agent that does not leave damaging residue on media. FM-200 is deployed quickly and extinguishes fires swiftly and effectively.

The optimal storage environment for your business data

Unlike paper records, magnetic and optical media is especially vulnerable to slight environmental changes. The temperature and humidity range within our CCV is constantly maintained to the precise standards required for computer media storage. All media is stored on shelving units built to minimize light and dust pollution.

Theft of corporate backup media is a leading cause of identity theft and corporate fraud. The Data Vault provides strict access monitoring and control to its facilities at all times, using:

  • 24/7/365 surveillance
  • motion detectors
  • door entry contacts

An Underwriters Laboratory/FM Global-approved, independent security company monitors our media vault and records storage facilities at all times.

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Professional media handling and management

It’s a big step entrusting your media to someone else. The Data Vault makes it easy with our screened data protection professionals. With over 30 years of combined experience, our staff takes security and privacy protection seriously. Strict chain of custody procedures are followed at all times. Your media is rotated and transported in specialized containers and climate-controlled, GPS-tracked vehicles for continuous protection of your data.

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