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Medical Files Discovered in Dumpster

Just when you thought it was safe to trust your medical records to healthcare professionals, a report from Springfield, Mass., details the finding of a number of records in a dumpster near a behavioral health facility.

Bryant Longey happened to find the files when he walked past the dumpster. He then took them to a local news team, which brought the issue to the attention of Behavioral Health Network.

Behavioral Health Network spokespeople told the news team they have policies in place for secure, on-site shredding of confidential papers, but clearly these files didn’t go through that process.

One wonders if shred bins are utilized at Behavioral Health Network. Even if so, it appears an employee, for whatever reason, chose to circumvent company policy and the records wound up in a dumpster where anyone could find them.

Was it sabotage? Laziness? Hard to say, but the moral to the story is that a solid, well-enforced records management policy is a must, especially for an organization like this one.

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