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Michael Payton Named To CSDS Board of Regents

The Data Vault is proud to congratulate our very own Michael Payton on his recent appointment to the board of regents for the National Association for Information Destruction’s Certified Secure Destruction Specialist accreditation program. He will be serving in this capacity until 2019.

NAID launched the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Accreditation Program (CAP) in 2010 to promote and acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of issues related to data destruction, data protection legislation, regulatory compliance and security. This is separate and distinct from the AAA Certification Program, which verifies and certifies the ongoing compliance of an organization’s secure destruction services with established security and operational standards. Simply put, the NAID AAA Certification applies to organizations whereas CAP applies to an individual. Both of these standards give businesses peace of mind when ensuring that their information is being handled properly by all parties.

The board of regents ongoing duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing, overseeing, updating and approving CSDS training curriculum, training, examination, and continuing education opportunities.
  • Developing, overseeing and approving recognition of the NAID CSDS Program as well as the promotion and recognition in the marketplace of individuals who have attained the accreditation.
  • Overseeing the protection and enforcement of the CSDS federally registered trademark status.

As part of our commitment to providing superior information management services to our valued clients, The Data Vault encourages all staff to take leadership roles within the wider industry. We’re proud to have Michael as one of our trusted team members, and look forward to this new role enhancing his ability to serve our partner’s needs in the future.

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