Microfilm Storage


Searching for Long Term Microfilm Storage?

Did you know that adequately maintained microfilm can have a longer life span than optical media? It can outlast hard disk drives, magnetic tape, paper files, and other more sensitive forms of record keeping. That’s why it’s critical to ensure the proper handling and storage of this material, as it can be exceptionally fragile and vulnerable to the elements.

Improperly stored microfilm can be vulnerable to:

  • Fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Air pollution and purity
  • Inadequate handling procedures
  • Overexposure to light sources
  • Environmental degeneration of materials (silver, polyester, acetate)

How can we help?

The Data Vault’s climate-controlled vault offers the most secure storage environment for your microfilm assets. Specifically constructed to resist man-made or natural disasters, it was built to provide a barrier against the outside world while also maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels for continued media preservation during any situation. In addition to featuring exterior walls with filled, reinforced 12-inch-thick blocks, our vault is equipped with FM-200, a hyper clean fire suppression agent that does not leave damaging residue on media. Our staff’s over 25 years of experience with handling microfilm and other sensitive media types can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s in competent hands.

In addition to meeting storage needs, our imaging department can also provide microfilm scanning and digitization services. With these features, you can access your archived film from your computer without ever having to take the risk of moving vulnerable media from site to site, leaving it securely stored in place.


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