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Mobile Security Threats Less Than Previously Thought


In a world full of increasing risks for enterprise users, there’s finally some good news on the digital front. While the recently released Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report contains a wealth of information, one previous area of concern has surprised the records management community by not being as large of a vulnerability as previously anticipated.

General projections in the cyber security industry have predicted that mobile application based attacks will rise with the growing use of the technology by large companies and government agencies. For the first time, this year’s report looked at the issue of mobile security, concluding that concerns about the risk posed by mobile threats tend to be overblown.

We stripped away the ‘low-grade’ malware and found the count of compromised devices was truly negligible,” the report stated. Furthermore, 95% of mobile malware threats persist for less than a month while four out of five lasted beyond a week, adding more weight to the conclusion that it’s not as big a concern as people may think.

“We’re not saying that we can ignore mobile devices; far from it. Mobile devices have clearly demonstrated their ability to be vulnerable” the report continued,”but we know the threat actors are already using a variety of other methods to break into our systems, and we should prioritize our resources to focus on the methods they’re using now.”

With that being said, keeping in mind the future of technology and it’s implications on security is always the smart choice. Though the risk today may not be as prevalent as originally thought, the fluid and ever changing security environment can render those findings obsolete in a matter of months. Through the capabilities presented by The Data Vault Cloud, our enterprise grade solution can help protect you from threats both on desktop workstations and the emerging mobile market. Contact us today and one of our industry leading experts can help you evaluate your company’s requirements, assess our capabilities, and determine whether our system could be the right fit for your backup needs!


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