Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Services

The Data Vault Mobile Onsite Shredding TruckYou can take steps to secure sensitive and confidential digital information inside your facility, but what happens when it’s time to discard your hard drives and other digital media? While it may seem implausible that anyone would attempt to steal data before media is safely recycled, research shows that up to 10 percent of all identity theft occurs this way. But on-site shredding services from The Data Vault can help you reduce the risk of your discarded media falling into the wrong hands—protecting your customers, your employees and your business.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding for Simplifying Information Disposal

When you use The Data Vault’s on-site hard drive and media shredding service, our team visits your location in our state-of-the-art mobile destruction vehicle, known as “The Data Shark.” On board is the latest hard drive and digital media destruction equipment, designed to reduce digital media to tiny particles that are useless to would-be thieves, but perfect for recycling. Mobile destruction simplifies your records and data disposal processes by:

• Eliminating the need to invest in your own media destruction equipment and staff
• Performing destruction according to your schedule
• Freeing your staff to complete other operational activities
• Destroying your media before it leaves your premises

Ensuring Security with Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Proper disposal of hard drives and other digital media isn’t just a best practice for information security; it’s the law. Failure to comply could result in costly fines and even litigation if compromised information is used to commit a crime that causes financial loss to another party. Mobile media shredding services from The Data Vault allow you to be completely certain that your media is properly destroyed. Shredding takes place right on your property, so you can monitor the process for peace of mind.

Flexible Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Options for Every Business

Call us anytime for on-site media destruction, whether you’ve been accumulating it for months or years. We also offer these services on a schedule for businesses that routinely need to dispose of digital information. When the project is complete, we issue a Certificate of Destruction you can retain as proof of compliance with privacy protection laws and regulations.

For additional information and pricing, please contact our Customer Service department at 502-244-1151. If you’ve reached us after hours, or would otherwise prefer, you may fill out and submit our Contact Us form. A representative will contact you within one business day.


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