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The New Age of Healthcare Information Security

As the enrollment period winds down for the new healthcare marketplaces put in place by the Affordable Care Act, troubling statistics are beginning to emerge about information security at the core of our public health system: the hospitals themselves.

New studies have shown that as healthcare organizations continue to migrate to electronic medical record systems (EMR), criminals are increasingly targeting them as sources of data for identity theft attacks. In 2013 these breaches cost the healthcare industry as a whole $5.6 billion dollars, and were up 100% over the number of attacks in 2012. From patients to providers to physicians, these numbers are especially troubling owing to the new trends of digitization and the increased costs of safeguarding this data from potential attackers.

Going forward, priority must be placed on protecting patient information and security in the modern information infrastructure. Under the HIPAA Act, all organizations must disclose any healthcare related breaches to consumers and the public – providing transparency where there usually is very little. Even as recently as earlier this morning the Michigan Department of Community Health announced that thousands of healthcare related records had been stolen from a parked car, further highlighting the issues we face as a society.

Here at The Data Vault, all employees are trained to be compliant with the most rigorous modern healthcare security standards, including industry specific HIPAA regulations. In addition to this, we also remain certified as a PRISM Privacy+  company by holding to even higher standards than required by law. Rest assured that your information is in secure hands here at our facility, and that we take every precaution necessary to keep it that way. If you are a healthcare provider and concerned about your data security, give us a call at (502) 244 – 1151; we have solutions that can help you maintain your integrity while giving you peace of mind.



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