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The Nine Lives of Records

Autumn has historically been a season of change, and many organizations take this time to examine their policies while looking for ways to improve them. In the spirit of helping our current (and prospective) clients with their complete information management needs, we invite you to download our new Nine Lives of Records guide!

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Despite encouraging innovation, technology has not removed the need for practical and effective record keeping practices. t’s been found that modern information goes through an average of nine distinct stages from the time it’s created to the point where it’s ready to be destroyed; while not all data goes through each of these processes, examining the potential path it can take is always recommended.

Whether you’re newly acquainted with the field or an old hand at organizing information, our comprehensive whitepaper guides the reader through all the various possible forms that records can take. The included examples are designed for professionals from all walks of life, deliberately using language and examples that anyone can understand.


While many people don’t realize that quality information management can be an asset to an organization instead of a cost, our mission is to change that perception through consulting and advice. The Data Vault has been providing the Louisville region with client centered records management services for over 30 years, and as part of our commitment to that excellence we hope to educate all companies in a new way of thinking about their information! Contact us today if you ever have any questions or concerns and our team of experts will be more than happy to help.


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