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Ohio Missing Files Case Latest Reason for Records Protection Plan

ARMA International this week reported that a missing-records incident in Athens County, Ohio, could jeopardize a $350,000 reimbursement for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work.

The Athens County Engineer’s Office records inherited by the new county engineer, Jeff Maiden, are allegedly missing or destroyed; the situation has triggered a sheriff’s investigation. Maiden suggests the files were sabotaged.

ARMA points out in the article that to help prevent such devastating losses, that organizations should have these protections should be in place:

-Vital records protection and disaster recovery plan
-Backup procedures for information important to business continuity
-Frequently tested business continuity plan
-Employee exit procedures, including a protocol for de-activating a departing employee’s access to
critical information data

Does your business have these records protection policies in place? If not, The Data Vault can help. Contact us here or by calling 502.244.1151 to find out how.$300k-federal-reimbursement


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