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Opportunity For Tape In The Cloud Computing Era


Magnetic tapes have been declared obsolete so many times, you get the impression that the technology is some sort of modern day zombie; on life support but never quite dying out. The truth is far different, however, with information being stored via backup tapes increasing to record levels.

Much of this has been a result of the ‘big data’ phenomena and it’s associated growth in storage needs, but the cost comparison between other backups and tape has also made an impact. Magnetic tape drives now offer storage at less than one cent per gigabyte, undercutting even the most aggressive spinning disk and cloud based providers. This astonishingly low rate (coupled with the proven technology’s reputation for reliability and security when properly stored) have made it the choice of many large computing centers; even backing up supposedly virtual “cloud” services.

As the role of tape has shifted over the years, it has remained a critical component in many disaster recovery plans. For example, protected archives have emerged as a key usage model for tape, fueled by data growth, unprecedented cartridge capacity increases, longer media life, improved bit error rates and a growing ecosystem of hybrid solutions. Coupled with cloud based offerings, these robust options provide a flexible, scalable solution for many enterprises dealing with serious change in the marketplace. The Data Vault has been a leader in finding new ways to couple these services together to adapt legacy systems to new technology, and are proud to continue working on this important advancement.

If your organization is looking into the future of storage technology, contact us and one of our experts can explain further why hybrid models offer some of the best value for their cost and why many companies are choosing to venture into new territory when it comes to data storage solutions.


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