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Organizational Discipline Can Prevent Data Breaches

During a recent study of European confidentiality incidents, evidence suggested that over 57% of the issues were caused by organizational error or employee mismanagement. This goes against the common belief that malicious hackers are to blame for the majority of security lapses, causing only roughly 40% of losses worldwide. With this information in hand, some organizations are changing the way that they combat this threat by including comprehensive training for staff in their planning.

“In the news we hear a lot of news stories about hackers who break into systems and steal our personal information,” said Philip Howard, professor of global media and communication at Central European University. “But that was the minority of incidents – far and away, most of the cases organisational errors, insider abuse, or other internal mismanagement.” With recent incidents at Home Depot and other mainstream retailers, it is imperative that business owners reevaluate their organizational security and ensure that knowledge gaps are not present within employee training programs. By ensuring that due diligence is taken and a solidified chain of custody is present with reporting systems, information can be successfully tracked as it is passed from person to person, greatly reducing the risk of it being misplaced or lost in general.

Unsure if your organization is taking all the necessary steps to maintain the security of your data? Here at The Data Vault we offer records management consulting for businesses of all sizes. One of our experts can visit on site, confidentially review your practices, and make suggestions for any improvements that might be possible. By auditing your standards on a regular basis with a 3rd party vendor, you can ensure that best practices are in place and bias is left out of the equation. If this is something that could interest you, contact us today and a staff member will be in touch!



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