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Pacifying The Paper Monster


All organizations have a goal of reducing the amount of paperwork produced during daily operations, but do you know much of a threat improper handling can pose? According to one recent report by the University of British Columbia based on a real world example, when researchers went to find original research documentation done between 1991-2011 over 80% of it had been lost.

Further examination of the issue revealed that, as time went on, information from earlier years was increasingly hard to find. At an average rate of 17%, this sort of attrition would be catastrophic to any organization facing audits or worse; even the university found the inconvenience troubling to say the least. Despite the digitization of our daily lives in the business world, studies show that the average office worker produces 45 sheets of paperwork a day; when not managed properly these records are at risk of being lost and causing a security nightmare.

Here at The Data Vault, our primary concern is to provide the best in records management services. Keeping your information in place and available when you need it is something that we’ve been proud to provide the community with for the past 30 years; negating the risks associated with self storage or other less professional methods. If you decide this is something you’d like to have a discussion one of our experts would be more than happy to look into options to fit your needs, contact us today and we can set something up!


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