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Paper To Pixels


The trend of digitizing information continues to gather steam, as greater numbers of professionals recognize the benefits that technology can bring to their archives. Organizations of all types, from newspapers to scientific societies, have noticed the increased efficiency and streamlined operations that result from completed scanning projects; leading them to seek their own solutions.

The Dutch government recently completed a 7 year, $202 million dollar audiovisual scanning project of the country’s cultural archives. Despite setbacks from copyright holders and legal concerns, the officials in charge believe that this change will dramatically increase the accessibility to every day citizens. The project ran smoothly and transparently, digitizing 138,932 hours of film and video, 310,566 hours of audio, and 2,418,872 photos.

Closer to home, new processes available to the scientific community promise to ease the transition of plant collections to online repositories. North America’s herbaria curate approximately 74 million specimens and only a fraction have made it on the internet, with an estimated half of United States universities yet to begin mobilizing data.

Newspapers continue to make the jump online, bringing valuable resources to people in the own homes. Though the transition to microfilm was made long ago, converting it into formats that can be accessed anywhere requires specialized processes and equipment. The Knoxville News Sentinel is partnering with several public interest groups to bring more than 70 years of their history into the 21st century, with a predictably positive reception from the community.

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