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The Paperless Office Dream


With office workers embracing the mobile workspace, demonstrating high levels of computer literacy, and utilizing digital documentation it seems like a matter of time before the sought after “paperless office” becomes a reality. Yet for all our progress towards that goal and it’s increased efficiencies, there are still many obstacles blocking the path to it’s success.

The Association for Information and Image Management (of which The Data Vault is a part) addresses this concept in their most recent industry watch report. They conclude that too many organizations misunderstand the realities of a paperless office, and that most commercial enterprises do not have the capability to move to a totally digital solution. This progress is barred by a combination of legal requirements, widespread industry practices, and customer requirements that keep companies using paper based record keeping.

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“One would think after 20 years of talking about paperless offices that we would have made more progress than we have. The truth of the matter is that while paper consumption — and paper infused processes — are decreasing, the rate of decline is still somewhat slow.” said AIIM’s president John Mancini in a recent blog post. Though not taking away from the progress that has been made, his sentiments echo in many professional institutions around the country. In light of these figures, is it even worth attempting towards a reduced paper office environment?

The resounding answer to that question is yes. Though an entirely paper free facility is seen as an unrealistic dream in today’s business environment, the reality of lessening paper usage creates savings and more efficient work flows. Electronic record keeping saves space, improves fundability, and reduces overall waste in the office space. Through a combination of document scanning and flexible cloud storage solutions, organizations can cut back on paper and realize ever important savings to their bottom line. By moving beyond “business at the speed of paper”, organizations can position themselves to a competitive advantage with an increased speed of response.

If streamlining processes and reducing the amount of waste in your records management system is something you’re interested in, talk to us here at The Data Vault. With over 30 years of experience creating solutions for organizations of all sizes, we can help you find a way to be more efficient while saving money on your current practices!


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