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Planning For The Worst

Some business managers openly resist the need for disaster recovery planning, holding onto a “it couldn’t happen to our system” mentality. But in reality, the risks to data (even when stored virtually) are very real and continuously changing.

Though the archives in question don’t always consist of physical boxes and paperwork, hardware containing digital information is still vulnerable to such incidents as flooding, electrical failure, or general human error. These risks can be unpredictable and require mitigation for any responsible business owner; and one of the easiest ways to craft a solution is to contract with a highly secure offsite backup location.

Whether that location is a physical address (for paper records and magnetic tape) or a cloud based solution (relating to digital information and server backups) creating a redundant system will ensure the long term survival of your business. With The Data Vault, we offer our clients any combination of services to fit their unique needs. From a climate controlled vault and secure records storage center to enterprise grade cloud backup solutions, we can help your organization recover from any incident with the peace of mind that comes with having a solution in place. Contact us today!


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