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Playing It Safe


It’s no secret that security is becoming one of the biggest areas of concern for many organizations. As commerce becomes more interconnected than ever thanks to the internet, the risks to sensitive data have grown proportionally. But while many companies have invested heavily in IT infrastructure to guard against digital attacks, a not insignificant portion have overlooked the controls on their traditional methods of exchanging information: paper records.

Sadly, experts in the records management industry aren’t the only ones that have realized this. Thieves and other criminals understand that oftentimes sensitive paper documentation is thrown out with the regular trash in unsecured containers, making for an easy target. Especially in the case of “office clean out” sessions that take place around the New Year or early spring, employees may not take the adequate precautions to ensure that everything ends up where it is supposed to be; making the corporate waste receptacle a literal goldmine.

With all this being said, there is an easy way to combat this threat that only takes a few extra steps. Contracting with a secure shredding vendor to handle the disposal of sensitive documentation can reduce the risk of exposure to nonexistent, and any adequately certified service should be able to provide the following:

1) Scheduled times for pick up service

2) GPS tracking for vehicles in transit

3) Large bins or in-office floor consoles with locking access

4) Certificates of destruction upon request

5) Clearly uniformed employees with names displayed

While small paper shredding machines may suffice for personal needs, here at The Data Vault our Data Shark service is equipped to handle enterprise grade shredding needs in a certified and secure manner. By allowing our professionals to handle the destruction of documentation, we can allow you to focus on your bottom line and business interests without the worries of dealing with  information disposal. If this is something you’d be interested in, reach out to us today!


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