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The Problem With Information Governance


Just as fog can hide many features of the landscape, misplaced trust in organizational policies can mask underlying issues and concerns when it comes to records management. While recent studies have shown that 75% of business leaders think their organization has information governance under control, only about 4% are actually set up for success. These reports additionally found that two out of every three companies surveyed lacked the necessary skills, technology, and corporate culture to exploit their information into a competitive advantage.

Effective information management can turn what many business people see as a cost into an asset, with companies realizing that data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources available to them. But before that bulk data can be turned into real results, first it must be seen through the lens of records management. One of the major challenges encountered today is sifting through the overwhelming amount of collected information available to staff members, while discerning what valuable content should be kept or discarded.

In this situation, the key to success is finding the expertise to help develop (and manage) an effective retention program. Whether in-house talent exists or by partnering with a respected third party provider, continually improving your policies can help staff streamline information gathering and let them remove useless information to prevent confusion. The Data Vault has been helping organizations find these solutions for over 30 years, with a team of experts that has observed and adapted to the rapid changes affecting the business world. Contact us today for an overview and evaluation of your current program!


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