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Protecting Your Business from Daily Data Loss

The Data Vault has been working to protect sensitive and valuable electronic data of Louisville area corporate clients for nearly three decades. Large companies devote many resources to contingency planning to prevent data loss; indeed, for public companies, protection of corporate information is a fiduciary duty.

What about the growing, successful companies that one day realize that the sudden loss of their electronic data and processing could put them out of business? How big do you have to be to take contingency planning seriously?

When we think of the term “disaster,” we often think of things like hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods. These kinds of unfortunate events can certainly have devastating effects on your business data. Over the years many hard lessons have been learned by businesses that fail to take precautionary measures to protect against such occurrences. However, the thought that “it will never happen to my business” still paralyzes some small businesses from protecting against disaster. Your business may fall into this category.

Taking a look at more common situations where your business has experienced a loss of data may help you come up with a plan. Perhaps in the past, an employee accidentally deleted an important business file. What was the cost associated with restoring that file? How much time did it take? Did you have to call upon an outside resource to help you retrieve the data?

Or maybe a thunderstorm resulted in a power failure at your business. It is possible that while you were working on a file or entering information in a database, your data was suddenly lost. Eventually, the power may have been restored, but afterwards you were stuck with the redundant and time consuming process of replicating previous work.

The causes of these data losses are easy to pinpoint but at one time or another, you may have experienced a more random situation like the kind where your computer network simply crashes without any logical explanation. In this type of situation it’s hard to know where to begin. How much data have you lost? Is it a day’s, a week’s or month’s worth?

Implementing a disaster recovery plan can alleviate the pain from such common data loss occurrences. A thorough and comprehensive plan takes into consideration the realm of threats that can result in a loss of your critical business information. Of course, establishing a solution for the protection and preservation of your backups also needs to be a key piece of your business disaster recovery plan.

The Data Vault has been providing data protection services for the Louisville community since 1984. For more information about how we can enhance your disaster recovery goals, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.


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