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Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

public cloud vs private cloud

As one recent commercial states, “Do you know who’s sharing your cloud?

For increasing numbers of organizations, this is becoming an imminent concern. With the first wave of digitization well underway, space in large data centers is often shared between hundreds of different entities. While this can offer the obvious cost saving benefits, it also drives home the idea of the cloud not being some mystical realm; but rather a service with a definite physical address.

So why should you be taking notice? Well, reports continue to trickle in about small server upgrades causing downtime for large numbers of businesses (Microsoft’s Azure system was recently affected) and digital security has recently zeroed in on the ability of anyone to rent space on these servers… regardless of the legitimacy of their operations. The possibility of sensitive financial data being stored on the same racks as resources used for criminal enterprises has given many an IT professional chills, leading them to look towards other options for their needs.

But taking the traditional in-house approach to cloud hosting can be issue prone as well. With all the potential problems of having your own servers on site, many companies are embracing a hybrid approach. By having dedicated space leased solely to them within a larger data silo, they maintain complete control over their information without the hassle of hardware maintenance and the associated costs. With the advent of virtualized machines this is especially cost effective, and while it doesn’t mitigate all concerns it’s certainly the best alternative for many.

Here at The Data Vault we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of information management technology. Through our cloud and disaster recovery services we strive to provide the best of both worlds: modern software systems with service that you can trust. If this is something that might appeal to your organization, contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch!


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