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Real World Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The term “hybrid cloud computing” has recently been featured prominently in discussions about the future of technology. With growing concern about the inherent security of digital solutions, many groups are moving to embrace a mixture of old and new for their disaster recovery needs.

This infrastructure can take many forms, including using magnetic tape drives in conjunction with cloud based applications, but the reality is that it’s easier to see the benefits through example than abstract theory. Forbes recently conducted a series of case studies where the benefits to large companies were demonstrated, and the results were impressive to say the least.

The Hartford is probably one of the best known financial services companies in the world, and they recently completed the transition to a mixed backup and disaster recovery solution. Utilizing legacy magnetic tape technologies combined with modern cloud based software package, their IT personnel were able to create a secure company wide private cloud. This solution allows real time collaboration among key employees to help grow their core businesses, while preventing the sort of wide scale hacking attempts that can come with public hosting options from large service providers. As the company focuses on growing its group benefits, mutual funds and property and casualty businesses, the hybrid IT model will enhance The Hartford’s ability to anticipate and meet the needs of customers and agents.

Here at The Data Vault, we’re specialists in creating custom solutions to fit organizations of any size. Whether you’re looking to transition fully to a cloud based backup solution or want the benefits of the technology without some of the risks, we can help you make the jump to a new way of doing things. Check out our case study where we helped a Louisville furniture manufacturing facility switch to a cloud disaster recovery system, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested in learning more!


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