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Record Breaking Data Breach Affects 1.2 Billion Users

Early morning news out of Russia indicates that the largest digital data breach in history has been uncovered by Hold Security of Milwaukee. Affecting close to half a million individual websites, this breach consists of information including user names, passwords, and email addresses for people around the globe. Independently verified by several outside experts, the sites affected by the intrusion have not been identified as many of them remain vulnerable to additional attacks.

The continuing growth in number and size of these data breaches proves that information security remains a core issue facing modern businesses going forward. Even as Target continues to reel from the effects of their loss last December, more and more organizations find themselves in the crosshairs of groups looking to exploit their technological weaknesses. Though awareness of the problem has increased due to high profile media coverage, many groups continue to not take the threat seriously enough.

While security flaws can cause problems for the companies affected, in the long run the group that will be on the receiving end of consequences will be end users and customers. If organizations want to continue a relationship of trust with their valued clients, then adequate safeguards must be put in place to ensure that their information stays where it belongs. Contracting with a 3rd party information management vendor can help give you the impartial evaluation and recommendations that is needed, without the potential internal biases and issues. With 30 years of experience, The Data Vault is more than able to help you achieve this goal; and we’d be glad to do so. Give us a call today at (502) 244 – 1151 and we’ll discuss your options!



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