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Records and Information Management (RIM) is Your Friend

It’s easy to just let the stacks upon stacks upon boxes upon file cabinets of documents become part of the landscape of your office or business. Hey, business creates a paper trail and always has. This is also why Records and Information Management (RIM) companies like ours exist in the first place.

One example of document management gone horribly wrong was reported nationally last summer. The photo will either make you laugh or cringe (probably the latter if your job incorporates document management).

Piles of documents

Don’t let this happen to you.

The story itself is a bit mind-boggling as well. A Department of Veterans Affairs in North Carolina had so much paperwork stored in its office that it actually compromised the stability of the building. A load-bearing study found that the weight of the files exceeded the floor’s capacity by 39 pounds per square foot.

“The excess weight of the stored files has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of the sixth floor of the facility,” said the VA Office of Inspector General report. “We noticed floors bowing under the excess weight to the extent that the tops of file cabinets were noticeably unlevel throughout the storage area.”

While it is easy to chuckle at such an image, the fact is it placed these vital records and even VA employees at risk along with the building’s structure. One employee suffered a shoulder injury when a stack of files fell.

Sure, it’s an extreme case, and plans were put in motion to rectify the problem. But any organization can get overrun with files if it doesn’t have a good RIM process in place. Does yours? If not, contact us today and we’ll help you start moving in the right direction.


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