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Records Management Crossword Puzzle

Take some time this morning to test your knowledge with our records management crossword puzzle! All answers are drawn from general categories within the field of information storage.



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8. An office that has gone completely digital would be considered
9. Records that have permanent value and need to be maintained
11. This act maintains the privacy and security of patient healthcare information
12. Storage medium that can be last over 500 years and is often found in libraries
13. Ensuring that your organization meets all legal requirements

                                                                        Stumped? Check out our solution page

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1. Secure way of destroying hard drives
2. People that try to steal private information through the internet
3. Information passes through three stages: creation, maintenance, and
4. What your company experiences when servers are offline
5. Character recognition technology that allows PDF files to be searched
6. Number one cause of data breaches
7. Name for planning that keeps businesses operating after a natural disaster
10. Type of computing that allows information to be accessed remotely from mobile devices


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