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Records Storage 101: Don’t Put Lincoln-Signed Documents in Closet

Here’s a Records Storage 101 lesson, kids: Don’t store documents signed by President Abraham Lincoln in the back of a closet.

Here’s why: They get misplaced. All the time. Just last week, the outgoing president at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania found a framed document, signed by the famed Civil War-era president, that named the college’s founder a Civil War chaplain.

It was stuck in the back of a closet he was cleaning out as he emptied his office, on his way to retirement after nearly quarter of a century.

records storage - lincoln document

“So, I make you a Civil War chaplain, and you just put the proclamation in the closet?”

“It was [initially] discovered a while ago,” associate dean and library director Janet McNeil Hurlbert said. “And then it got … put someplace else for a while.”

Here’s the lesson: When you have something that important, there are records storage solutions like records storage centers and climate-controlled vaults available that work better than closets.

Class dismissed.


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