Records Storage Services in Clarksville, IN

Are you tired of working in an office filled to the brim with file boxes and piles of documents? Do you wish you could spend less time searching for documents and files?

The Data Vault is Clarksville’s go-to resource for document storage and records management services. We provide secure offsite storage for both active files and archival records. Our records storage facilities combine advanced software and comprehensive security systems for the superior protection and management of your business record inventory. Let us help you free up office space so your business can reach peak efficiency!

Secure Records Storage for Your Business Documents

Failing to keep your records secure is risky business. Without a customized document security and file management solution, confidential records could be stolen and used for identity theft and business fraud, and you wouldn’t even know they’d gone missing until it was too late! We help you protect and preserve your documents and files over the long-term.

It all starts with our facility. The Data Vault’s records center is a structural steel building sheathed in steel panels, featuring a standing seam steel roof for physical protection from theft, fires, floods and natural disasters. We store your documents on purpose-built, high-density records storage racking systems resistant to dust, moisture, and pests. We’ve incorporated the following systems to ensure the longevity and safety of your records:

  • Zoned fire detection and suppression technology
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Strict building access control and monitoring

You can rest easy knowing your documents are safely stored with us.

Enhanced Information Access

Searching for lost files is a waste of time and money. Efficient access to your documents improves workflow, enhances customer service, and allows you to focus on revenue growth. The Data Vault’s expert staff professionally organizes your records according to your needs, so you always have quick and easy access to your information. Our customized document storage and records management solution includes the following professional services:

  • Retention scheduling
  • File indexing
  • Custom records inventory reporting

We use a sophisticated web-based document inventory management database with barcode technology to track your records throughout their retention lifecycle. You have anytime access to your documents and files. Request your records quickly and easily with our secure online portal, and choose from provide standard and emergency file retrieval and delivery options Whichever option you choose, we deliver your files directly to your Clarksville office.

Don’t need paper copies? Simply request our Scan on Demand solution and we convert your paper documents to digital files and deliver them to you electronically.

For additional information and pricing, please contact our Customer Service department at 502-244-1151. If you’ve reached us after hours, or would otherwise prefer, you may fill out and submit our Contact Us form. A representative will contact you within one business day.


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