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Regional Law Firm Benefits From Space Saving Services

The complete overhaul of an information retention program can be a daunting mission for any organization, regardless of how long the system has been in place. When dealing with archives that reflect decades of work and include legally sensitive documentation, special attention is critical when considering change.

With no standardized system present throughout their offices, it was up to our client’s staff members to find a solution that met their needs without experiencing adverse issues seen with prior vendors. For such a long term project, it was especially important to have a space where information examinations could be conducted without disrupting the regular workplace environment. After a thorough evaluation of the logistics involved, our team recommended a solution that would satisfy their unique requirements while providing cost savings in the form of combined transportation and off-site auditing capabilities.

Download our whitepaper case study to see how our records center storage, magnetic tape rotation, document scanning, and shredding solutions helped this client streamline their records management program!



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