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Rethinking Your Office File Storage

There are several keys to a successful business — one of which is having a seamless workflow process.  It’s important to be able to locate and retrieve the documents you need in a timely manner.  Properly organizing and managing your records can certainly help.  Otherwise, a haphazard collection of office files can easily interrupt productivity.  Considering where, when, and how you store your records can lead to a more effective and efficient work environment.

The inefficiencies of in-house file storage 

Many companies attempt to store both day-to-day and archival records internally without considering the time it takes for personnel to search for, retrieve and re-file a document.  Factor in the time spent looking for lost and misplaced files and the costs can be considerable, both monetarily and from an inefficiency standpoint.

Additionally, the mismanagement of documents can have a negative effect on employee morale.  Shuffling paperwork within the confines of a cluttered office is frustrating.  When staff is able to easily locate the information they need in an open work environment, they’re happier and more productive.

A destruction, scanning, and storage solution

A combination of the following records management strategies can reduce your organization’s dependence on storing and managing paper records:

  • document destruction and purging
  • document scanning
  • offsite file storage

Files that are no longer used and/or past their retention date should be destroyed.  You don’t want these records wasting space and hindering your business processes.  Since they may contain private information, it’s important that they are securely shredded.  With identity theft and breach incidents on the rise, working with a trusted shred provider is a must.

Rarely accessed documents should be sent offsite to a secure record storage facility.  While these files may not be integral to your daily operations, they still need to be properly managed and tracked to support retention and audit requirements.

Your most active files – those accessed on a regular basis and essential in supporting daily business processes – should be scanned to a digital format.  Electronic documents can be easily organized, accessed and retrieved from within a document management system.  Digital files can be obtained with a click of a mouse from a desk top, saving valuable time and money for your business.

Records management is an area on which companies may not want to spend a lot of time and may even be viewed as a “necessary evil”.    At The Data Vault, we strive to help our customers with all of their records management functions while acting as an extension of their business.  As Louisville, Ky.’s premier Records and Information Management resource, The Data Vault can help your business implement a turnkey solution for maximizing office space and facilitating enhanced workflow processes.

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