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Think that data breaches and hacking incidents are restricted to large corporations? Unfortunately that’s not the case, as one Louisville area municipality recently discovered.

Over the past year, malicious attackers have realized that many smaller towns and businesses lack the funding to invest in cybersecurity resources; leaving them vulnerable to a myriad of exploits that wouldn’t affect high profile targets. The city of Clarksville, Indiana has admitted to being the victim of this sort of profiling, as unauthorized people gained access to legal records of their courts. While the FBI is helping investigate what happened, the possibility of social security numbers, bank account info, and other sensitive information being leaked is enough to give people pause.

While information dating back to 2005 might be compromised, with the proper precautions in place this sort of situation can be avoided going forward. If you think that high quality data backups with enterprise level security isn’t budget friendly, then you should reconsider the options on the market. The Data Vault Cloud offers a scalable solution that can start as small as needed and grow as business expands, maintaining peace of mind without breaking the bank. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in exploring, contact us today and one of our experts will reach out to discuss the options with you!


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