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Say No To Self Storage

Most records are sensitive documents. Exposure to light, heat, humidity, and other environmental factors can easily make even the sturdiest of papers fall apart as they sit in storage while not in use; leading to disastrous results when it comes time to access them. Yet the majority of American companies continue to use self storage as an option for housing their files and paperwork, exposing them to these various risks.

So why do people use self storage units to house such fragile information?

It’s true that some of the perceived benefits look attractive at first glance, promising to save time and money in the long run. Many facilities have some sort of security (whether it be locked gates or full time attendants), and few other places offer such economical rates for storage in increments of 80-100 square feet at a time. For a little bit extra, you can even go the route of finding a “climate controlled” facility to house your documents; keeping them safe from the environmental risks.

But this is where the trouble starts. In addition to the omnipresent risks from a security standpoint (who knows what is being stored right next to your information) various environmental concerns are not covered by climate controlled facilities. Flooding, fires, and other external events can still occur and not be covered by the terms of a contract; leaving you and your organization with no compensation and little legal recourse. Spills of chemicals and gasoline can seep under the walls of units into neighboring parts, destroying records beyond repair and leaving it up to the individual parties to settle the claims. Dust and insects are constants in these environments as well, meaning precautions must be taken to mitigate their effects, and the list goes on.

Even the cost of these units can be misleading. While the base storage rates might be cheap, the average lost record cost a company $220 in 2013, with one ruined box of records erasing any financial benefits.

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The lack of protection, convenience, security, and risks associated with an uncontrolled environment might outweigh any arguments in favor of going the route of self storage, instead turning you towards a secure offsite records facility. Here at The Data Vault, we’ve been specializing in information management for over 30 years and promise that files at our facility are stored with the highest standards. Contact us today or come over to our facility in Middletown for a tour and we’ll show you why so many businesses trust us with their sensitive information!


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