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Self Storage Scammer Steals From Other Units


Here’s one from right in our backyard.

Police recently apprehended a Kentucky woman that has been going around to Louisville area self storage facilities and fraudulently posing as client of the business. Once inside, she was breaking into multiple spaces to steal any valuables contained within; leaving the owners bewildered and on the hook for their losses. Though her spree was finally disrupted by information gathered via surveillance camera, detectives suspect that this facility was not the first to be hit and that there may even be accomplices.

If you didn’t need a better argument to convince you of the dangers of using self storage for sensitive information, this one should do the trick. The fact that she was able to get away with this at multiple locations leads one to believe that security gaps are widespread within the industry, and due diligence is not always the primary concern of operators. While the items taken in this particular incident were of the common household variety (TVs, gaming systems, cameras), under different circumstances a company could find itself in hot water after the theft of compromising materials. Being forced to track down stolen information and publicly admit to a data breach is a nightmare scenario that could come to pass – but there’s an easy way to avoid this possibility.

While self storage is great for people that need a little extra space for private belongings, when it comes to storing business information it’s best to trust the experts. By contracting with a certified off site records storage facility, you can gain all the benefits of saving space that you would see at a self storage site without any of the concerns about privacy and protection of the information contained within. Here at The Data Vault we’ve been providing this service to the Kentuckiana community for the past 30 years, and we’re committed to ensuring that your information stays where it belongs. Our elaborate system of checks and balances ensures that random people from off the street never have access to stored records, granting you the peace of mind to continue on with daily operations without worry. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and one of experts will be in touch!


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