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Your Shredding Questions, Answered

A blue button with the words Ask Questions on itShredding is more than turning pieces of paper into confetti; it’s an essential part of a corporate information security plan. That’s why you need answers to your document shredding questions. Here’s what you need to know:

Q: Why shouldn’t I use an office shredder?

A: Office shredders are problematic for several reasons. Because documents must be hand-fed into them, shredding takes a long time and the machines often jam, overheat and break. Many office shredders only shred documents into strips, which can be reconstructed to access sensitive information. Shredded material is often discarded in a dumpster, which compounds privacy breach risks by making your information available to any dumpster-diver. Outsourcing your shredding to a qualified and trusted shredding partner saves time and money, and minimizes identity theft and business fraud risks.

Q: How does a scheduled shredding service work?

A: A background-checked, uniformed professional driver delivers locked destruction bins or consoles to your business for you to fill with your documents. These tamper-resistant containers are bar-coded, scanned and tracked through every stage of destruction. When the containers are filled, the driver collects and places them in a locked, GPS-tracked vehicle for transfer to the shredding plant. After your documents are destroyed at the shredding plant, you are given a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Q: How often are my documents destroyed?

A: As often as you need them to be. Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as-needed, you receive a shredding schedule tailored to your unique needs.

Q: What should I do to prepare my documents for shredding?

A: Nothing! Give your shredding and destruction partner your documents “as-is” or deposit them in a shredding console or bin and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to remove staples, paperclips or sticky notes from your files!

Q: What’s the difference between shredding consoles and shredding bins?

A: Shredding consoles hold 30 to 80pounds of paper and come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any office decor. Their design enables easy, anytime disposal of documents and files. Shredding bins hold 75 to 250 pounds of paper and are intended for bulk shredding projects, end-of–year purges, office relocations, or any task involving the disposal of large amounts of sensitive paper documents. Both shredding consoles and shredding bins are lockable and tamper-resistant, so your information stays secure.

Q: Is my shredded paper recycled?

A: Yes. After your records are dumped directly into the shredder and mixed with other shredded paper, they are baled and recycled by means of pulping. The recycled paper is used to produce post-consumer paper products like egg cartons and toilet paper.

The Data Vault provides shredding solutions for businesses in and around Kentucky and southern Indiana. If you have a shredding question we haven’t answered here, please call us at 502-244-1151 or complete the form on this page. Your questions are important to us!


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