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Sifting Through Stored Information

“In history lies all the secrets of statecraft” – Winston Churchill

What good are large amounts of scanned documents if it still takes hours to find the information that you’re looking for? This is the question posed by many organizations, and with good reason. One of the highly touted benefits of digitizing paper records is the time saved around the office through making the switch, but many companies fail to take into account that basic PDF files (and other formats that have been converted) still require reading in order to discern the data they contain.

By providing what amounts to a high quality picture of a pre-existing piece of paper, your standard file has no search capabilities or other features found with normal digital formats. Though there is still the increased ease of transferring the information in question between personnel, to truly see the full benefits from document imaging projects you need the additional capabilities of optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. These systems take the data on the page and convert it into editable text that can be modified, copied, searched, and added to just like a standard word processing file. With these additional capabilities, databases full of files can go from being mere archives to robust resources full of valuable information. Visualizing long term trends, checking out financial performance, and predicting future growth can all be unlocked from your paperwork.

To find out more about how The Data Vault can assist you with document imaging projects including optical character recognition capabilities, please contact us and one of our experts will be in touch! From consultation to implementation, we can help guide you through every step of the process to ensure that your project meets the unique needs of the organization.


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