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Small Businesses Under Fire

As data breaches nationwide push corporations to provide greater protection for their sensitive data, the perpetrators behind these cyber attacks have begun to seek out easier targets to exploit. Sadly this trend is largely coming at the expense of the small to medium sized business community, who oftentimes do not have the resources of multinational firms to devote to information security.

According to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, targeted attacks on small to mid-size firms rose 61% over the last year, and increased exponentially in intensity – now lasting an average of 8 days. By choosing their targets more carefully, criminals are finding that the likelihood of a business agreeing to their demands rises sharply and the amount of financial gain increases with it. While these statistics can be considered to be highly alarming, the infographic below highlights some common issues that could be resolved to decrease the chances of coming under attack. Simple things such as installing consistent antivirus software, engaging a spam filtering program, and contracting with a trusted internet provider for web services can mitigate many of the vulnerabilities associated with modern operations online – leaving small businesses to concentrate on the things that really matter. As with all online concerns, education is key and with some simple improvements your business can face a lot less risk of incidents!



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