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Small Businesses Using Cloud Backup Recover From Disasters More Quickly

According to the 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey prepared by antivirus provider Symantec, the success of a small company’s disaster preparedness plan was integrally linked to the adoption and use of cloud-based services such as virtualization, cloud computing and mobility.

As reported by, however, the vast majority of small businesses that back up their critical data store those backups in the same physical location as their server or computers — protecting the data only in the case of a hardware crash.

But what about a natural disaster or other physical damage to the building in which the servers are stored? Here in Louisville, Ky., we not only have the threat of high waters from the Ohio River, but we also have a tornado season as well. If your servers and computers are destroyed in such a natural catastrophe, your backups go with them unless they are safely stored elsewhere.

According to Harvey G. Ryland, the President and CEO of the Institute for Business and Home Safety, as many as a quarter of all businesses never even get their doors open again following a major disaster. This is why so many SMBs are beginning to turn to cloud backup and recovery. And why not? The technology is getting more secure and scalable all the time, and savvy business owners are taking notice.

“Today’s SMBs are in a unique position to embrace new technologies that not only provide a competitive edge, but also allow them to improve their ability to recover from a disaster while protecting the information that their businesses depend on,” Steve Cullen, who serves as Symantec’s vice president of worldwide marketing for SMB and Cloud, told

Cloud backup is also becoming more affordable and effective — with many enterprise-centric solutions, a company can back up only the truly critical data and know that it is consistently updated. And the flexibility has grown so that some solutions can even back up from remote devices such as a laptop or smartphone.

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