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Small Town’s Records Storage Plight Sheds Light

In Swansea, Mass., the town hall has a problem – too many records stored on-site, unmanaged. Sadly, the records storage dilemma here is likely all too common. But it’s something that is easily fixed, and it sheds light on the common dilemma of how to properly store paper documents.

This news story in a local Massachusetts newspaper tells of how Swansea has for years been storing town records in what used to be a meeting space/staging area. Once upon a time, the space, complete with wood floors and beautiful wooden arch supports dating back to the late 19th Century, even hosted public dances.

records storage squirrel

Seriously, dude. What’s for lunch?

Today, however, it’s a cramped storage space packed with tattered boxes filled with old paper files. Quite frankly, it looks like a records storage nightmare.

Town Clerk Susan Taveira is quoted as saying that many of the documents can be destroyed, but just haven’t been. She also mentions in the news story that boxes are damaged, files are worn and even mildewed, and there is evidence of damage by squirrels.

Squirrels? Really?

And so the town is being asked for $29,000 to clean up the mess. Such a shame, when data management companies like The Data Vault exist specifically for such situations. If it were up to us, we’d shred the unneeded files and dispose of them securely, we’d re-box the old files and store them in a steel-freamed, state of the art records center. And it’s even squirrel-proof.

If you’re in a situation similar to that of Swansea, take a moment to ask yourself why. And ask yourself what the right records storage solution for you might be.


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