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So You Think You’re Ready To Head To The Cloud


As we proceed towards the beginning of 2015, many organizations are busy setting goals and plans of action for the next year. Inevitably there will be some that include a migration to cloud based services as a major budget item; while we applaud that forward thinking attitude it’s important to ensure that your company is ready to make the jump! As noted by industry veterans, taking technical requirements and planning into consideration is a good first step on the road to a digital disaster recovery system.

While we like to think of “cloud services” being omnipresent and decentralized, the reality of the matter is that they have a physical address just like anything else. The hardware generally resides in a larger data center, providing enough flexibility to scale up or down as storage needs require. However, despite the increased efficiency provided by the internet, geographic location does still matter for recovery purposes. Based on bandwidth needs (which increase exponentially as distance between the main facility and backup site grows) many experts suggest that there should be no more than 150-200 miles between you and your disaster recovery location to prevent slowdowns or disruptions. This availability can also be affected by the number of users, applications, and updates, but from a baseline cost effectiveness consideration geography can play a huge role.

Other questions should also be part of your beginning checklist. Some of these include:

1) Does your service provider offer 24 x 7 support?

2) What security measures are in place?

3) Is there an option for shipped device recovery (i.e. loading data onto a hard drive)?

4) Can customized retention schedules be created?

If you’re looking into disaster recovery services from a cloud computing standpoint, it pays to ask these questions as you head into your discussions. Here at The Data Vault we’ve been providing the Louisville area with information management for over 30 years, and our cloud based solution has fully customizable features to meet your unique needs. If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, reach out to us today and one of our recovery experts will be in touch!


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