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Spooky Information Management Horror Stories

Halloween pumpkin head on wooden background. Preparing for Halloween. Head carved from a pumpkin on Halloween. Pumpkin tradition. Place for your text. Invitation for halloween. Scary Halloween pumpkinVampires, zombies, and ghosts are scary—especially at Halloween—but threats to your information are even more frightening. In this blog, we share several spooky information management stories and tips to stop threats from becoming nightmares.

Trick or Treat

You receive an email from a trusted contact asking you to click on a link. Before you know it, your network is infected with malware. Phishing scams know no boundaries and have become so prevalent that staying vigilant is an unrelenting job. Always verify the authenticity of emails and think before you click.

Night of the Living Dread

A client requests their account information. But here’s the scary part: you open the file cabinet only to find the requested information is missing. You turn your office upside down and tear your hair out trying to remember where you could’ve put it. This terrifying scenario can be avoided by storing your documents with a trusted records storage provider.

Storing your documents in a records center eliminates the horror of missing files. Your information is indexed, barcoded and tracked within an advanced document management software. It allows you to view your inventory online and initiate the following service requests:

  • File pickup, retrieval, and delivery
  • Customized inventory reporting
  • Final disposition of documents

Invasion of the File Snatchers

You toss expired personnel records in the trash without thinking twice. Several weeks later an employee reports they’ve fallen victim to identity theft. You’re left wondering if your negligence is to blame, as guilt eats away at your conscience.

Digging through your trash is often easier than hacking your network. A document shredding service prevents potential identity theft and business fraud nightmares by keeping your confidential information out of the trash, where it’s vulnerable to dumpster diving thieves. On a scheduled basis, your documents are collected by background-screened professionals and destroyed with a strict chain of custody.

Case of the Vanishing Data

During a busy workday, you accidentally delete a folder of full of important files. Your heart rate accelerates as you scramble looking for a backup. The situation gets even scarier when you discover you never backed up your data.

Human error is one of the leading causes of data loss, so it’s important to remember to back up your files. Don’t forget to store three different copies of your backup data: on premises, off premises, and in the cloud. The right data protection partner will monitor, secure, and encrypt your backups and deliver your data when you need it.

Save the scary stuff for Halloween. When it comes to information management, make sure you get professional help from a local records and information management provider.

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