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Everyone knows that we should backup our digital information. Organisations create, alter, and utilize data daily in an ever increasing number of ways. It is the lifeblood of modern organisations, representing countless hours of productivity, transactions, collaborations and more.

Shouldn’t choosing what to protect seem relatively straightforward then? Surely we want to backup everything? Unfortunately, most businesses do not practice this. Even among those who have backup systems (only around 35% of small businesses, according to Gartner), 70% are not fully confident in their disaster recovery planning.

Consider the implications if your business lost the data held in point of sale, customer relationship management, manufacturing, research & development, or financial systems. At a minimum, lost sales and revenue, contract penalties, and potential litigation could result. In the worst case scenario, this loss could result in bankruptcy as an estimated 25% of businesses never reopen following a major disaster.

Comprehensive disaster recovery services provide business continuity and ideally consist of a primary and secondary site. Data, operating systems, applications, files, and folders are replicated and backed up between these sites so businesses can always restore their systems to an operational state. You may or may not replicate data – but to protect it reliably, you must back it up. Some information changes rapidly and is very important to your business, so you should perform frequent updates to limit the amount of possible data loss. For everything else, utilize a simpler backup plan e.g. make a backup once a day and store a copy on lower-cost media such as magnetic tape or a low-cost, long-term cloud storage option.

Another important component of a disaster recovery plan is to determine the number of backup copies you need and where these copies should reside. The most effective approach is the 3-2-1 backup methodology:

321 diagram

Organizations of all sizes should not delay the data backup discussion, as it needs to be an integral part of not only the IT strategy but the overall business strategy. If you have any questions, The Data Vault has been helping companies for over 30 years with their information management needs and are always willing to lend a credible voice to the discussion. Contact us today and one of our team of experts will reach out with answers and advice!


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